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Tornado Wire Fencing - Wireless Network Case Study

warehouse wireless case study

Tornado Wire produces wire fencing as used in farming and agricultural land. They operate a production facility at Millom, which has 3 separate warehouse units which store materials and finished goods.

To increase the efficiency of their stock control, Tornado Wire were looking to implement a new production control system using portable bar code scanners in the warehouses. These handheld portable devices link to the computer system via the wireless network and require adequate wireless converge to operate effectively.

PW Wireless Networks were commissioned to provide a wireless network to cover all 3 warehouse buildings to support the new stock control system and any future wireless enabled devices, centrally controlled from the main office building.

The first step was to carry out a physical wireless site survey to enable the network designers to plan and design the most cost effect and efficient solution. Once the design had been agreed, it was handed to the PWWN project managers and the installation team to carry out.

NETGEAR products were chosen as part of the solution due to the low cost, ease of installation and high Wi-Fi performance. A number of WNDAP350 wireless access points were secured onto the roof girders in the 3 warehouse units, which also required some Cat 5 cabling. 3 5GHz wireless bridges were then used to connect the warehouses back to the factory unit across the industrial estate. Although these links were fairly short they crossed roads and open ground, making a cable connection difficult and very expensive. As a result, the PWWB5ghz wireless bridge devices were a much more convenient and cost effective solution to connect the buildings.

Once the installation had been completed and additional data switches and network cabling had been added to the central comms rack, the network was configured and tested to ensure coverage met the design brief and performed according to the requirements.

PW Wireless Networks provide a range of wireless solutions to meet the challenges faced by their customers. These include indoor WiFi networks for factories, hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, warehouses, and Mesh networks for outdoor coverage. We supply Location based services, for asset tracking via the wireless network, and we can provide a wireless access control management system (MDAC) to allow guests and employees to self connect to the wireless network under automatic user and device restrictions.

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