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Tablet Computers for Schools

The best value schools tablet available

Bring tablet technology and the experience of an iPad to the pupils for less than half the price!

  • 1 – 10 Units    £195.00 per unit
  • 11 – 20 Units   £185.00 per unit
  • 21 – 30 Units   £175.00 per Unit

All prices exclude VAT

Price includes supply only but configuration to your school network for internet browsing and apps access is available at an additional cost.

Corvid 43 - 10.1 Quad Core Android Tablet with Flash support, dual cameras and wireless enabled. Up to 6 hours battery life complete with Micro USB and RJ45 adaptors.

Benefits and Challenges of Using Tablets in Classrooms

Following the personal user’s trend there is a increasing demand from teachers and students to be able to access information on tablet devices in education. The continued appearance and adoption of tablets by young people is pushing the acceptance of these devices into the classrooms, thought of as the natural evolution. This in turn is now seen as the future of education. Even though there are considerable benefits from this type of technology, care should be taken to address any potential challenges.


  • Tablet computers are interactive communication and book reading tools. Opening up quick and easy access to information and entertainment for all ages of users.
  • They are “must have” technology for students.
  • Textbooks can be read and stored for future use and used as a notebook adding the students own information.
  • The Tablet’s interactive property allows the textbook to function as a notebook- meaning the user can make notes, highlight, and even look up the meaning of words.
  • The progress/recorder allows attempted work to be automatically logged and all marks awarded to be automatically entered from the instructor’s machine.
  • An Extensive library of apps are available either free or reasonably priced, as compared to computer software which is usually quite costly, allowing the student experience to be easier and more affordably accessed.


  • Students have identified some drawbacks of bringing iPads into the classroom, such as the difficulty of taking notes on the tablet. The auto correct typing function can create very interesting passages as well as frustrations. In the study, more than half the students reported feeling frustrated when highlighting text and taking notes within e-books on the iPad.
  • Another drawback was the fact that multiple “windows” or files couldn’t be kept open, side-by-side, on the iPad, unlike a full-fledged computer.
  • Though tablets allow students to learn at their own pace, some educators are worried about how to handle a classroom full of independent learners. Many educators expressed concern about monitoring students while they use their tablet. The biggest problem with tablets is students visiting sites other than those for learning.
  • Until all tablets can use all applications/websites there are limits to how well the tools can be used in the classroom. As faculty, we must select tools that are compatible with the greatest number of devices – especially if one allows a BYOD environment.

In summary, it is worth experimenting and identifying whether or not a tablet will help your students consume course content and learn. Even though there are potential promises of educational impacts of tablets, educators should weigh the potential challenges as well before utilizing tablets into teaching and learning. Therefore, if using a tablet is helpful to aids student success, we should embrace it to the extent it facilitates the learning process and causes no harm.

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CPU: Freescale I.MX6Q, quad core, 1.2GHz, Cortex A9; GPU: Vivante GC2000 OS: Android 4.0 with Flash Support(Discontinued in 4.1) RAM: 1GB DDR3

tablet for schools

Internal Storage: 8G - MicroSD Expansion up to 32GB

Display: 10.1” Capacitive 5 point multi-touch screen 1024∗600

WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b⁄g)

G Sensor: support

Camera: Dual 2.0MP Cameras

Video Out: HDMI 5600mah battery (Up to 6 Hours)

1 x Micro USB, 1 x RJ45 Adapter

Height: 252 mm - Width: 165 mm - Depth: 11.9 mm - Weight: 585g

Buying your Schools Tablet PCs through PW Wireless Networks

As part of our service we will also provide a standard Google interface as well as all elements of the “Pic n Mix” service package to meet all your requirements.

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