PWWireless Networks

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Wireless Applications

PW Wireless Networks provide a range of wireless applications that can help increase the efficiency of your organisation.

Once you have a secure wireless network installed, you open your organisation to a host of wireless applications that can support roaming users to the level they require. Faster bandwidths have allowed traditional cabled assets to become wireless and careful design can now eliminate black spots of coverage.

Wireless technology can be applied in many ways to offer business solutions. Let us find a solution to your challenges using our range of wireless applications and industry experience.

Secure Wireless Networks
Install a secure wireless network or extending your existing coverage
Telephony Solutions
Latest Wireless handsets from Ascom
Asset Tracking
Track, manage & maintain all physical and non-physical assets
RF Firewalls
Access control over your entire wireless network
Smartphone Management Solutions
Manage & Control your mobile users with yor existing PBX System
Wireless Bridge
Share your Wireless Network across buildings and campus sites using a Wireless Bridge Link