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"Traditionally, where wireless connectivity has been required a basic WiFi network was installed and unable to deliver the emerging hospital requirements..."
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Hospital Wireless Networks

Hospital wireless

With the increase demands to improve the patient experience more hospitals are looking towards wireless networks to deliver secure communications infrastructure that enables hospital users to undertake a wide range of activities such as accessing electronic patient records, using different tracking services or positive patient identification over different applications.

PWWN can deliver a wireless network to give hospital staff access to secure salient information wherever they are and whenever they need it, without having to keep relaying back to a specific fixed PC.

If they choose to, staff can share information with patients, colleagues and databases to help reduce errors and increase patient safety and overall efficiency.

Hospitals and care establishments have typically been slower in the uptake of wireless due to security concerns. However, developments in end user devices, application management and the shift to"N" technology, wireless has become inherently secure and simple to manage. Following these advancements hospital wifi has now become a key technology to help deliver the increase in efficiency required to improve patient care.

PWWN have worked with a variety of hospitals of different size and budget to deliver site wide secure resilient wireless solutions. These hospital wireless networks have the capability and capacity for data, voice and location based services. These solution’s typically start with a pilot to prove the concept of the technical solution and allow the users to understand the functionality and live with the solution on a day-to-day basis.

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Following a successful pilot installation, a site wide technical RF survey is carried out to ensure 100% wireless coverage in all locations where the users require cover. The wireless survey is also used to plot the locations of the access points and the cable routes for the most efficient, cost effective and least disruptive installation. The wireless survey also provides key information on how well the wireless signal will operate in certain areas that can have potential to distort the RF signal such as X-ray and theatres. This information combined with our experience allows us to guarantee 100% coverage in ALL areas that require Wi-Fi coverage.

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In areas where Wi-Fi already exists, this can be reviewed during the wireless survey and recommendations for upgrading to latest technology or integration of those access points in to the new network. Similarly, if there are devices and application being used within the hospital this usage will be considered and fed in to the survey results providing continuity to the hospital.

Hospital wireless is an evolving solution with more and more devices using it to communicate. PW Wireless Networks are continually working with our health customers updating them on new functionality and solutions that will support their drive to reduce the total cost of ownerships, increase cost savings and most importantly improve patient care.

We understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. We have a range of technologies and suppliers that we can coordinate to provide you with the perfect wireless solution for your hospital regardless of its size, budget or technical capabilities.

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