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Outdoor Wireless Networks

Outdoor wifi

The massive increase in the use of Smartphones and tablet computers across all age groups has radically increased demand for wireless services, for people whilst on the move, and on holiday.

In 2010 a Holiday Park or Caravan/Camp site that boasted a wireless internet connection for it’s guests, had an edge over other sites in this highly competitive market. Now, in 2012 this competitive edge has been replaced with expectancy.

With Smartphone’s, iPads and other wireless enabled devices providing much more than a means to call. They have created a demand to socially interact with others, watch TV, read books and much more while people are on holiday. These devices now play an equal role in our leisure time as they do in the working environment.

Any holiday park that cannot provide an internet connection for its guests or residence is seriously endangering the quality of service they provide in this technology dependant era.

How does Outdoor Wireless work?

Wireless Mesh Technology

Typically, the park will not have data cabling around the site (either fibre or copper) to run the wireless access points. Therefore, you have to create a wireless network to do two things:

1. Create a wireless network that communicates traffic between radio masts

This "back-haul" forms the backbone for wireless masts to pass traffic back to the main office, without having to lay cables. The wireless system will use the 5GHz frequency for this traffic.

2. Provide WiFi hotspots around each mast

Each radio mast will then provide wireless coverage in a zone around the mast that looks like a "Wifi hot-spot". This collects local data traffic and routes it to the internet via the back-haul link. The wireless system will use the 2.4GHz frequency for this traffic.

What installation is required for outdoor WiFi Network?

The main wireless node will connect to the Internet Router usually installed at the main site office. Radio equipment is then installed onto masts or suitable high points such as lamp posts or rooftops and buildings around the site to create the wireless network.

A site survey will detail exactly where each mast needs to be located to ensure 100% coverage without too much overlay or installing too many or too few radio masts, to ensure installation costs are kept to a minimum.

Each radio requires a 240V power source. This can usually be taken from a nearby supply if situated on a lamp post, building or roof top. For remote locations, a feed can be taken from the nearest power source.

Once your wireless network is in place your holiday park will benefit in many ways. Not only does your back office become more productive and efficient with a high speed wifi network, but more importantly you will be able to provide your guests and visitors with a wireless connection they expect, and in many cases will pay a premium for.

PWWN can design and install an affordable holiday park outdoor wireless network that will provide wireless coverage throughout the entire site. Once the network is in place we can support the network to give you complete piece of mind.

"What makes us different is our approach"

  • Consultancy - we will investigate the business requirements and make recommendations on the choice of technology to fulfil the requirements.

  • Site Survey - our physical site surveys will ensure that coverage is achieved, with the right capacity to support the required applications for the least amount of cost.

  • IP Design - utilising the information in the site survey, our design team can plan and configure the data network to support the solution and include security provisions and integration with existing IT policies.

  • Installation Services - a complete installation service including data, wireless and electrical installation, testing and configuration, and all necessary qualifications and experiences to work onsite.

  • Lifetime Support - we can offer a service level agreement based around your budget with timed responses to resolve network problems, and equipment failures in the unlikely event of any network issues.

To find out more about installing an outdoor wireless network in our holiday park or caravan/campsite and how it can benefit you, your back office and your guests, Please call one of our consultants on 01925 751638 today who will be happy to discuss any issues you may have.

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