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"To increase the efficiency of their stock control, Tornado Wire were looking to implement a new production control system using portable bar code scanners in the warehouses..."
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Warehouse Wireless Networks

Warehouse wireless

Warehouses have utilised wireless technologies for a number of years to manage stock control, sales orders and distribution. By installing wireless to support these critical systems organisations have dramatically lowered costs, improved accuracy and overall speed and efficiency of the supply chain process.

Following a number of recent installations and upgrades, we are seeing two distinct groups of requirements within the warehouse environment. However, both are driving the key business messages of improving efficiency and accuracy of the business process and the flow of product through the supply chain.

Early adopters of Warehouse Wireless

The first group are the early adopters of warehouse wireless who already have some Wi-Fi installed but now wish to extend the coverage to all areas. This also includes the introduction of additional applications such as voice, devices such as scanners, PDA’s and smartphones and improved performance or a combination of them all.

Later adopters of Warehouse Wifi Networks

The second group are the late adopters of warehouse wireless. They have typically extending their current office / fixed infrastructure to the warehouse as part of a move to a new ERP or stock control solution to compete in today’s competitive environment. These later adaptors have the benefit of utilising the latest "N" wireless technology which gives faster throughput and allows applications such as voice to run in parallel with mission critical data solutions with managed Quality of Service.

In both instances, the buildings layout and construction and the products you store will have a major impact on the performance of a wireless solution. The devices and applications running over your wireless and how they move around your site will also impact the design of the service. Understanding these critical aspects is key to delivering a wireless system that will support your everyday activities, without fail.

Why choose PW Wireless Networks?

Whichever group you fall into our experience of delivering warehouse wireless and associated applications has allowed us to develop a process that will guarantee we meet your expectations and your budget requirements. Following our proven approach we have delivered a number of cost effective, secure wireless solutions for both internal and external warehouse environments.

Key benefits

Clear Coverage Plans – Heat maps of planned coverage generated prior to the install to simplify the solution and keep hardware costs to a minimum.

Mesh Technology – Utilised to help reduce physical cabling costs and constraints where possible.

Resilient Failover Design – Ensuring the wireless will operate at all times based on the criticality of the solution.

Affordable On/Off Site Support – Available as service level agreements operated through the PWWN support desk and carried out by our highlight experienced and qualified IT technical specialist.

The effectiveness of our proven approach and the success of previous installations have given us the confidence to guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. With flexibility in procurement on a rental or capital basis, our solutions can be supported through standard break fix support or fully managed solutions delivering you a wireless service without the hassle of managing it at a fixed monthly costs.

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