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RF Firewall Security

PW Wireless can provide your organisation with Location based RF Firewall security solutions to allow you complete access control over your wireless network.

Our firewall security solutions create a secure perimeter around a room, building or designated area, preventing neighbouring users or skilled hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your wireless network.

Firewall Location-based access control

Installing an adequate Firewall can prevent attacks from users with high-gain antennas, spoofed MAC addresses, broken encryption keys, stolen credentials and stolen devices. Using location as a part of the firewall authentication procedures keeps unwanted guests off your wireless network and prevents system attacks commonly mounted from outside.

Policy Enforcement

Our firewall solutions allows your IT⁄security personnel to define, manage and control the wireless network administration and security policies. They can define strict access and authentication processes based on a users location and create security policies for different user groups. Network devices and applications can also be managed across various locations, at various times, from a single location.

Reporting and Authentication History

The Firewall system offers a complete reporting service of all users and 802.11-based devices. All movements, authentication requests and connections to the network are tracked and displayed in the firewall reports.

Standard wireless network integration

PW Wireless can integrate an RF Firewall with a wide range of sensors or access points from industry standard infrastructures such as Trapeze Networks and Smart Mobile. The firewall solution also supports many of the industry’s leading Real Time Location Service (RTLS) appliances. By integrating these leading wireless networking systems, you can lower the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for dedicated sensors and expensive overlay systems.

Complete Wireless Location Services Portfolio

PW Wireless can offer your organisation award winning Real Time Location Services (RTLS) platform for wireless networks along with a complete suite of applications including: location tracking and asset management, perimeter security, location-based access control, role-based access control and context-specific content delivery.

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