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Secure Wireless Network Solutions for All Organisations

Are you looking for a secure wireless network or upgrade for your organisation?

PW Wireless Networks can provide a range of wireless network solutions and applications to suit your budget and wireless requirements. We survey, design, install and support WiFi networks for all types of organisations, from small offices and primary schools to large business parks, hospitals and University campuses.

Whatever your wireless requirements, PWWN will design and install a wireless solution that’s right for your organisation. We supply small WiFi networks for shops and offices to high-end advanced wireless networks for hospitals, warehouses and factories that support multiple users both fixed and roaming. Our wireless solutions can include a range of wireless technologies and suppliers to suit your budget and connectivity requirements. By installing or upgrading your wireless network you open your organisation and its stakeholders to a more engaging, cost effective, efficient and productive environment.

Benefits of a Secure Wireless Network

  • Health and Safety; no cables means no hazards
  • Signals can be sent through walls, floors, ceilings to save on installation costs
  • Simple to add stations in any environment
  • Shared access to printers, storage devices and networks
  • Easy to transfer and install in new location
  • Secure way to transfer data

Advanced Wireless Networks

Many organisations are now looking to install more advanced wireless networks or next generation wireless to support business processes and real time wireless applications. These advanced wireless networks can support roaming users who require constant uninterrupted connection to the wireless network using a real time application. Depending on your organisations requirements PW Wireless Networks can provide leading wireless solutions based on your budget and wireless requirements. By assessing your needs we can develop a wireless solution using two differing technology types from 3 leading vendors — Traditional Microcell or a Virtualised Single Channel wireless network.

Microcell Wireless Network Solutions

NETGEAR Wireless Networks


Our NETGEAR wireless solutions offer a more cost effect option better suited to smaller organisations such as factories, primary schools and small business offices. From single room access to complete building wireless coverage, the NETGEAR range offers high quality wireless connectivity at an affordable price.

The NETGEAR range of wireless access points and controllers deliver secure, reliable, high-performance wireless network coverage to meet today’s mobile workforce demands. These powerful devices provide the ultimate in industry standard access to corporate network resources, email and the Internet. With robust security measures, simplified management and configuration, extended range, integrated IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet, and WiFi certification, the NETGEAR wireless range brings standards-based enterprise-level functionality at a mid-market price.

Juniper Wireless Network

Juniper Networks

For higher enterprise class wireless solution we utilise Juniper’s wireless technology to deliver a more comprehensive advanced wireless network. Juniper technology allows us to deliver an evolved wireless architecture that is designed specifically for mobility, with the highest and most advanced levels of reliability, scalability, and security available in the industry.

Juniper’s wireless technology is simple to configure and manage, with unified services that lower the cost of ownership, increase user and IT efficiency, and improve overall business results.

Utilising the Juniper range, we can build a high performing wireless network to deliver superior wireless signal quality for hundreds of users, and scale the wireless network across the enterprise beyond indoors, outdoors, and across campuses without compromising security, signal strength and manageability. These wireless networks incorporate embedded location awareness for any wireless device, perfect for industries such as healthcare where location based services are mission critical.

PW Wireless Networks have built partnerships with a range of quality suppliers including Juniper Networks, Alvarion, Cisco, NETGEAR, Colubris, Meru, Motorola, Orthogon and Proxim to name a few, to ensure we can design, deliver and support the right wireless network for you.

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Looking to Extend your Wireless Coverage?

PW Wireless Networks offer a range of products and services to increase your current wireless signal or extend the wireless range. Using our experience we can eliminate black spots by repositioning your current access points or provide additional hardware to meet the demands of your users. You can designate bandwidth and access by room, or by user giving priority to those who need it most or would be willing to pay a premium. For us to provide you with a solution that’s right for your business, its users, and your environment please call or email to arrange your FREE Wireless Consultation.