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Wireless Bridge Installations

PW Wireless Networks provide Wireless Bridge installation solutions to allow you to share your network with other buildings across distances up to 4km.

If you’re looking to connect an office or remote building to the main building network, many traditional options such as renting services from a telco, or digging trenches and laying new cable can be costly, time consuming, and often impossible in many environments.

A Wireless Bridge set up can replace these expensive traditional bridging methods to provide fast and secure connectivity for data, voice and video applications to your remote buildings.

What is a Wireless Bridge?

wifi bridge

A wireless bridge is a network connection between two or more physically separated points. The network bridge is usually created using a wireless signal, however it can also be made using light, operating software or traditional network cabling.

Network bridge connections can be in a Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point configuration and can provide fast, secure connectivity for data, voice and video applications. Wireless bridges are especially suited to organisations with large campus sites and multiple buildings where traditional connection methods may be difficult due to pre-existing roads and utilities which make new service provision difficult to construct.

We can provide you with a wireless bridge set up that’s perfect for your organisation. Considering your environment and the bandwidth you’re looking to transfer, we can choose a solution specific to your requirements and more importantly your budget.

Our 2 most popular bridges which we have carried out a number of installations and set ups for information critical organisations such as ITV include:

PWWB 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge Link

  • Provides a simple and low-cost point to multi-point solution with a clear line of sight between the base station and subscribers.
  • Ideal for connecting buildings, warehouses or offices to share main building network. Popular with university campuses, hospital sites and small business parks.
  • Antennas are usually of two types; omni-directional and sector type, typically 60 – 120 degree beam width.

PWWB 5GHz Wireless Bridge Link

  • Better for higher data rate applications and where there is no clear line of sight between the base station and subscribers.
  • Can be the back-bone connection to multiple wireless ‘Hot-spots’ around a town or area.
  • Used to deliver community-wide broadband in urban and rural areas where a Point of Presence is then extended to a number of subscribers - typically businesses around the town or area.
  • Antennas are usually sector type, typically 120 degree beam width.
  • Can deliver both IP Ethernet data and E1 voice (including IP based CCTV).

All our wireless bridge installation and set ups come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to deliver the bandwidth your looking for, or your money back. We are confident in our set ups and believe we can provide you with a bridging service to exceed your expectations. Our engineers specialise in wireless bridge installations and can have your bridge set up in just a few hours.

Quote for Wireless Bridge

Fill out our quick quote for a price which includes the wireless bridge, full installation and set up for a standard solution based on the information you provide. For a more detailed and accurate no obligation quote we will be happy to come and visit you to discuss your requirements, asses your site and quote the most competitive rate available. Please call 01925 751638 or email

Don’t forget, all our solutions come with a 100% money back guarantee!

Free Space Optics Bridging Connections

Free space optics

An alternative to wireless connectivity is using infra-red Free Space Optics (FSO) technology. PW Wireless Networks FSO solution "PAV" can offer a Free Space Optical system which uses a point-to-point, infrared, eye safe wireless laser transmission.

The system operates by taking a standard data signal and converting it into a digital format, allowing it to be transmitted through free space at the speed of light up to 4Km. Due to the use of infrared, there are no licences required, and therefore no licensing fees.

The basic principles for the transmission are the same as data cabling only light is used instead of copper or fibre.

Speed of deployment

Free Space Optics is one of the quickest network connections to deploy. The installation and alignment can take just half a day, creating a network within hours. This high speed deployment also makes the system an excellent solution for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. In the event of emergency or disruption a company can be reconnected to the online world within a few hours.

Secure data transfer

The Free Space Optics system is extremely secure. Because light is used to transfer data, it is almost impossible to eavesdrop on any information being transmitted.

Simple to relocate

The units are also completely portable, making it a flexible and reliable system that doesn’t hinder any relocation plans.

Complete Wireless Bridge Solution

wireless bridge fixed on tower

PW Wireless offer a range of data bridging solutions to ensure that our customers install the right technology to support and deliver the application required. We approach all wireless solutions with two key considerations in mind: Coverage & Capacity.

To deliver a complete solution we carry out the following structure:

Firstly we will investigate your business requirements and then make recommendations on the choice of technology to provide the right solution.
Wireless Site Survey
Our physical site surveys will form the basis of the design to ensure maximum coverage is achieved, with the right capacity to support the required applications.
This can include full installation both inside and outside, including working at height and installing data cables to support wireless access points if necessary
IP Design
We will configure the data network to support the solution to include security provisions and integration with existing IT policies including Active Directory etc.
Lifetime Support
We can offer a service level agreement with timed responses to resolve any network problems and equipment failures.

Installing a wireless bridge is much like any other IT investment, in that it requires some specification and planning to ensure it is the right solution to the problem. PW Wireless Networks can help you through this process and provide the right support services to ensure your investment meets the business criteria.

Please fill out the quick quote for an immediate response or call our technical team on 01925 751638. Alternatively please email for further wireless bridging information or to book a visit from one of our consultants who can provide you with the best bridging options available to meet your requirements.

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