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Secure Data Storage & Backup Services

Protecting your business critical systems with an automated secure offsite data backup service is vital to the success of your organisation. The PWWN data storage solutions give you piece of mind that in the event of network failure, your data is protected, accessible and ready to get you back up and running immediately.

Don’t wait until it’s too late?

  • Low Cost, high level protection of business critical data
  • Secure, mirrored off site, data storage
  • Eliminate tape and disk problems and human error forever
  • Cost effective - pay only for what you store

It couldn't be more critical BUT it couldn't be simpler.

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How do I know it works?

Depending on the level of involvement you would like, we can keep you updated every day. Technicians review all of the previous day's backup activity on a daily basis. You will receive e-mail confirmation of successful backup activities, or in the rare event of a backup failure, we will email you to advise any issues that need addressing.

How secure is my data?

It is clear that when data is processed and held offsite, it’s of fundamental importance to its users/owner. The security in place to protect that data should therefore be commensurate with that reality. To achieve this, a number of security measures are applied to contain a diverse range of threats. One measure is to protect the data from unauthorized disclosure using 128-bit AES level encryption - the practice of encrypting/decrypting data using different compression rates for different files, providing a further level of security.

How often can I arrange backups?

As often as you want. If you currently do daily backups, you may have some files which are particularly crucial, i.e. should the day's input be lost, at say, 16.00hrs, the repercussions are something you would rather avoid. With PWWN, you can back up twice a day, every hour or even every minute if you want to, at no additional cost.

How many copies can I keep?

As many as you want. Clients only pay for the volume occupied by one copy of their data, although the system stores three copies by default. If you wanted to keep, say, a monthly snapshot of an accounts file for five years, then this can be done, no problem.

Do backups take a long time to complete?

No. Once the initial backup has taken place, our software collates and sends only the INCREMENTAL changes to your files, and any new files, and transfers this data to our servers where the files are updated.

Important facts about Data Backup

  • That “you must safeguard your own or anyone's else's data, by taking appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure” - The Data Protection Act 1998.

  • That private companies are legally required to retain their accounts for 5 years (6 years for public companies). Therefore any emails relating to commercial transactions (invoices, expenses, claims for overtime and the like) need to be stored for a minimum period from the date they were raised - Companies Act 1985, Section 2225.

  • A survey of 1,000 companies of all sizes - conducted as part of the department of Trade and Industry's Information Security Breaches Survey - found that two thirds of business suffered an incident where they had to restore significant data from back-up during the last year.

  • Roughly half of the businesses that had a systems failure or physical theft suffered major disruption.

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