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The Role of Wireless Technology in Hospitality

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Wireless connectivity is playing an important role in the hospitality industry for all stakeholders including business guests, tourists and the organisations themselves. A basic free connection for all users including staff, can no longer sustain the demand placed upon the wireless network.

Supporting Business Customers

For business customers, the ability to connect to corporate networks and communicate via email is vital and will impact their decision when choosing a hotel. A report by iPass released in December 2010 found that a poor Wi-Fi experience influences 36% of business travellers’ decision on whether they re-book that specific hotel in the future. With 79% of business customers returning to the same locations, wireless connectivity plays a key role in customer retention and acquisition. On this basis, hotels have to offer an acceptable wireless service that will meet the needs of their business customers or face losing them altogether.

Free Wireless Access

There is a level of free connectivity expected by general guest as most carry internet ready devices to book theatre tickets, blog, tweet and keep in touch with social networking sites such as Facebook. Although the importance of a fast premium service may not be as great for leisure guests, there is still a level of expectation that needs to be satisfied by the hotel.

Supporting Back Office Activity

Complete wireless coverage throughout a hotel or resort complex can deliver back office solutions by incorporating wireless applications to support day to day business activity. Asset tracking can locate, track and manage; people and assets across your site to save time and cost. Roaming staff can carry Ascom mobile devices which send information as voice, data, text or alarm from other colleagues, customers, suppliers, computers and databases all at no extra cost other than the handsets themselves. IP-CCTV can allow you to monitor every angle of your establishment in real-time from any location, whilst being as discreet or as obvious as you choose. There are many wireless applications that can save costs and increase business efficiency once you have a secure wireless network in-place, paid for by your premium customers.

The challenges faced by leisure managers today is to cost effectively provide a wireless infrastructure that will deliver a service to meet the needs of all users. A premium connection for critical users and a standard service for general guest access, whilst delivering business critical applications to support the organisations day to day business activities.

PW Wireless can upgrade or supply your organisation with new wireless solution to deliver it´s own ROI.

With an effective wireless network in-place you can run many business services for internal use such as Telephony, Location services, IP-CCTV, Building management, EFTPOS and order taking. You will be able to segment guest access by offering a free to use service for general guest access and separate priority access for guests who will pay a premium.

Our solutions are built on a solid foundation. We start with detailed physical site surveys to ensure that the wireless deployment is planned to support coverage of all relevant areas in the property, and is then sized correctly, to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to support the delivery of all the required applications.

With our surveys, we will guarantee that the wireless technology will deliver these applications with the required quality of service. That will allow the property to focus on applications that will save costs and increase business efficiency.

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