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Asset Tracking

If your organisation would benefit from real-time asset tracking of all physical and non-physical assets to save costs and increase organisational efficiency, call our consultants today on 01925 751638 to discuss our asset tracking solutions.

Asset tracking allows equipment to be found easily when required. Other critical information can also be stored such as usage, expiry and service details. This technology helps save time and cost as well as helping to deliver the essential maintenance programme that most assets require. Asset tracking not only monitors fixed and mobile equipment, but also atmospheric temperatures. This is especially useful in monitoring real time temperatures in fridges used to store medications and other heat sensitive items.

Benefits of Asset tracking:

  • Track up to 2,000 assets
  • Reduce the cost of lost or misplaced equipment
  • Improve workplace safety for staff by tracking people across multiple sites
  • Employ "just enough" purchasing policies to avoid over stocking on equipment
  • No specialized hardware or software needed on tracked devices
  • Locate all devices to room level with proven accuracy at 99% with 10 meter precision in under 30 seconds
  • Accuracy can be improved to 1 to 3 meter’s with higher planning
  • View real-time movement of Wi-Fi devices, people, and asset tags
  • Store location history for each tracked device for up to 30 days

How does asset tracking work?

In simple terms, the technology locates devices using multiple APs to listen to wireless devices within a given area. By triangulation techniques the device is easily located to within 1-3 metres, depending on the density of the APs deployed. Some equipment that needs to be located does tend to roam around the site. Complete wireless coverage is essential to support all types of roaming wireless clients including, external active wireless tags (the RFID style devices etc) and embedded wireless clients used in Smartphones, or the Ascom i75 wireless handsets.

In some organisations the wireless network will need to be scaled to support effective location services. Usually, the number of wireless access points (APs) has to be increased if the current network was designed to support data only services. To deploy a secure wireless network to support Location awareness, we suggest that you build in the following planning and technology considerations:

  • Track up to 2,000 assets
  • Consultancy and planning process for the Wireless network
  • Design, build and install a secure & scalable Wireless network
  • Install a Location Appliance with "Active Asset" software
  • Utilise active Wireless Tags, as appropriate

PW Wireless Networks have a portfolio of products that address location as an extension of the core wireless network, without using expensive overlay-style, "agitator" technologies. We can offer consultancy and advice at the start of the planning process, to ensure that your Wireless Network is scaled appropriately to support the lifetime of applications that may be required. For many, it´s the logical next step once the wireless network is delivering secure data transfer.

To arrange a FREE consultation to discuss our location based services solution for your organisation, please get in touch with our helpful advisors today by calling 01925 751638. Or you can email