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PW Wireless Networks are a Gold Partner of Aruba Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for mobile enterprise networks.

With the Aruba Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE™) architecture, access privileges are linked to a user’s identity. That means your enterprise workforce has consistent, secure access to network resources based on who they are no matter where they are, what devices they’re using or how they’re connected.

Aruba Move Architecture

Aruba eliminates the cost and complexity of managing separate wired and wireless access policies. In fact, with Aruba you will need fewer ports and consequently less equipment in the server room effectively rightsizing your access infrastructure.

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Wireless LAN

The highest performing WLAN with unmatched deployment flexibility.

Aruba Move Architecture

Aruba offers the most reliable mobile application experience over the fastest scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure on the planet. Aruba 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution for personal and enterprise-owned mobile devices deliver gigabit speeds without overhauling the exisiting network infrastructure. Aruba WLANs can be deployed with or without Mobility Controllers reducing complexity, time to deliver and most importantly Total Cost of Ownership.

"Bring on the mobile devices". Aruba WLANs are BYOD-ready and use contextual data, user identity, device type, applications and location to enforce security and QoS policies.

And the world’s most powerful RF technology enables Aruba WLANs to deliver a predictable Wi-Fi experience in high-density mobile device environments. Personal mobile apps no longer adversely impact the performance of corporate mobile apps that are vital to your business.

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Remote Networking

Aruba remote networking products include Mobility Controllers, Aruba Instant™, Remote Access Points and Virtual Intranet Access™ client software.

Network Mobility Controllers

Remote networking products from Aruba satisfy a variety of needs from centrally managed branch WLANs that scale to hundreds of remote sites, to autonomous Wi-Fi networks that deploy in minutes, to intelligent VPN software for mobile devices.

No matter what you choose, you’ll connect to corporate network resources with little or no on-site IT assistance. And your connection will be secure because Aruba provides strong authentication, military-grade encryption and protection against wireless threats.

Perhaps what makes Aruba remote networking products most unique is context awareness. It gives remote workers consistent, secure access to corporate network resources based on who they are no matter where they are, what devices they use, what applications they have or how they connect.

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Mobility Access Switches

Aruba’s Mobility Access Switches are a new class of product enabling secure, role-based network access for wired users and devices, independent of their location or application. It’s the only wired network solution designed for today’s mobile enterprise workforce.

Mobility Access Switches

Installed in your data cabinets, the Mobility Access Switches deliver up to 384 wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet switch ports and operates as a wired access point when deployed with an Aruba Mobility Controller.

This Network Access Control acts as a wired access point, users and their devices are authenticated and assigned a unique role by the Mobility Controller. This solution gives consistency of role application as roles are consistently applied whether the user is a Wi-Fi client, or connects to a port on the switch. Simplifying the management and control of users as this approach eliminates the need to manage and provision separate wireless and wired access policies.

You now have an enterprise workforce that has consistent, secure access to network resources based on who they are no matter where they are, what device they’re using or how they connect.

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Aruba ClearPass

The Aruba ClearPass Access Management System™ lets you create and enforce policies that extend across the network to devices and applications. This gives you total control over mobility services and simpler way to rollout BYOD.

Aruba ClearPass

ClearPass enables you to securely onboard any device onto any network. Ideal for BYOD provisioning and onboarding, ClearPass makes it easy for IT-issued and personal mobile devices to securely connect to any network.

By centralizing access policies across the entire network, ClearPass automates differentiated user and device access, policy management and the provisioning of devices for secure network access and posture assessment. This ensures that each user has the right access privileges based on who they are and what device they’re using.

ClearPass is essential when increasing numbers of consumer devices. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux connect to the network and access is required by a broader range of users including employees, visitors, customers and contractors.

  • The first and only BYOD provisioning and onboarding framework for any network.
  • Automates onboarding for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices.
  • Improve policy decisions with endpoint visibility and contextual device profile information.
  • Scalable, easy-to-use visitor management system delivers secure guest access.
  • Enterprise-class endpoint posture and health checks beyond basic network access control (NAC).

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Network Management

AirWave delivers identity-based monitoring and comprehensive management to multivendor wireless, wired and remote networks.

AirWave is a powerful and easy-to-use network operations system that manages Aruba wireless, wired and remote access networks, as well as wired and wireless infrastructures from a wide range of third-party manufacturers. Offering unprecedented clarity and centralized control to effectively manage global enterprise infrastructures, AirWave lets service desk personnel triage connectivity issues so that IT engineers can focus on proactively optimizing network performance.

Network Management Airwave

Through a centralized and intuitive user interface, AirWave provides real-time monitoring, proactive alerts, historical reporting, and fast, efficient troubleshooting. It also offers tools that manage RF coverage, strengthen wireless security and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

AirWave VisualRF™ location and mapping offers network-wide views of the entire RF environment. Maps of Wi-Fi coverage and the underlying wired topology show a clear and accurate picture of who is on the network, their location and how the network is performing.

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