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Wireless Site Survey Specialists - Test your building for Wi-Fi black spots

PW Wireless Networks provide professional and accurate onsite wireless survey signal tests as part of a complete Wifi design and installation solution or as a standalone service.

It’s vital you carry out a wireless survey prior to upgrading your wireless network to ensure bandwidth required will be achieved.

What is a Wireless Survey?

Why do I need a Wireless Survey?

wireless survey heatmap

Designing your wireless network without a WiFi survey is leaving signal coverage to chance. This makes budgeting impossible, as you may have to carry out further installation if your network under performs. A wireless survey will ensure your network expectations are met and delivered within budget with no hidden extras once the installation has taken place.

Using the latest technologies and over 100 years of combined experience, our technical engineers can map out the RF coverage of your site both internally and externally. Your survey report will include detailed documentation and a list of hardware required and their location to allow a scalable and secure wireless network to be designed.

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Wireless Survey Procedure

We carry out the Wi-Fi survey test using a portable trolley which has a wireless access point and a PC with a software planning tool to record readings. The trolley is powered by a portable battery, which allows easy movement around the site, and will last all day. The wireless survey trolley has an extendable mast which allows us to survey any size of building from warehouses to small offices.

The wireless survey is based around approximating the area to a grid of sample points. These points are ideally separated by up to 9m vertically, and 4m horizontally. In the case of an obstruction the sample point are relocated to accommodate. We can also arrange for additional equipment [e.g. Cherry Picker] in larger areas where the RF conditions can vary considerably if the wireless survey isn’t carried out completely.

The portable AP is situated in a test location chosen by the survey engineer and each point on the grid is subjected to a signal strength test. This consists of the engineer walking to that grid point and performing a test between a hand-held RF data terminal and a laptop PC, across the wireless link.

Once the AP reaches the limit of it’s range and all grid points within range have been sampled the AP is moved to a new location and the test performed again. This process is repeated until several AP locations have been tried and complete coverage to the desired bandwidth is found.

Each test at a particular grid sample point can return the following statistics:

  • Signal/Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Signal Strength
  • Noise
  • Bandwidth

Map readings that show coverage from multiple AP locations, combined raw data to remove overlapping samples. In the event of multiple readings being performed at one grid location all but the maximum SNR are ignored. Note that the coverage graph colours [below] range from red [poor] to blue and purple [excellent].

Spectrum analysis

Your Wi-Fi survey will include a Spectrum Analysis [below] which will identify any and all major sources of RF activity in the surveyed area. This can be DECT phones, Microwave’s, or alarm systems.

Many companies offer free wireless surveys created using small hand held devices. In most cases these types of surveys provide inadequate information for successful wireless planning. In most cases, surveys can take around a day to accurately test all areas. Rushing this process for the sake of cost will ultimately cause coverage issues. This will end up costing much more than to carry out a professional survey in the first place.

With every site survey, PW Wireless Networks provide a detailed wireless survey report which includes all the necessary information to design and install a wireless network that will guarantee 100% wireless coverage. We provide a professional and affordable service that makes us unique, delivering our customers expectation or their money back.

Sample Wireless Survey

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

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