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Wireless Technology - Improving Healthcare

There are now many wireless applications and technologies improving performance and increasing efficiency in the Healthcare environment.

Increasingly, organisations in data intensive industries such as healthcare are deploying sophisticated wireless LANs to support the latest mobile applications and next-generation wireless services, including Location based services, Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Voice over Internet (VoIP). Health organisations implementing these Wireless LAN strategies are embracing business value and increased efficiency that accurate location awareness brings to wireless applications such as asset tracking, enhanced security, voice services and content provisioning.

Location based technology is fast becoming a vital application in the health care industry due to the powerful real-time tracking of assets and people across the entire site. Hospitals responding to medical emergencies armed with real-time information of the location of staff, equipment and patients are increasing the efficiency and quality of the care provided.

Asset tracking allows equipment to be found easily when required. Other critical information can also be stored such as usage, expiry and service details. In Hospitals, this relates to time saved by medical staff as well as helping to deliver the essential maintenance required as part of the asset management process. Asset tracking not only monitors fixed and mobile equipment, but also atmospheric temperatures. This is especially useful in monitoring the real time temperatures in fridges used to store medications and other heat sensitive items.

Cordless communication in Healthcare environments is essential as doctors, nurses and other medical staff are always on the move. The need to be contacted immediately at all times can mean life or death. Wireless handsets allow users to send critical information by voice, data, text or alarm, instantly. They also support location and tracking devices so the user can be found when needed but also when they themselves, are in distress.

Organisations in Healthcare and Manufacturing rely on our location services solutions to fundamentally improve business processes, and augment their AAA security framework with location awareness. Most medical equipment currently has wireless clients embedded so there is no need for additional tagging which makes the deployment of our solutions simply and cost effective.

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