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Mobile Device Management - MDM

Mobile Device Management is playing a major role in organisations today with mobile phones, Blackberries, Netbooks, iPADs and more, relying on various wireless data networks to connect and communicate.

A Shift from Laptop to Smartphones and Tablets

The proliferation of smart phones and tablets over the last few years has created debate right from the outset whether these devices would be treated seriously within the business / professional worlds or whether they would only be gimmick devices used for personal use only. It was believed initially that these devices would not challenge the laptop as they were less powerful, secure and had less functionality than required by professional users.

However what is now known is that the smart phone and tablet have become just as prevalent and powerful as the laptop. This has resulted in these devices finding a place within the professional environment sometimes by stealth but increasingly through acceptance and desire.

Business applications and productivity suites are also fuelling this demand as these are far more commonly available on these mobile devices than 18 months ago. Additionally these devices are relatively easy to use which has resulted in all mobile / field based workers having opportunities to improve their productivity with these devices a win for you and your employees.

Coupled with the acceptance of this type of device in to the workplace is the drive of savvy consumers / employees driving the desire to have this functionality – they see no reason why all this functionality and opportunity from their personal device is not available in the work place. “I can do this at home why can’t I have them at work”!!! However the consequences on the IT management in playing catch up can have major cost and risk implications in a business environment.

Your business may be one of the ones seeing the benefit of staff having access to their information while on the move if not it may be something you are looking at as the market commentary and research is showing this requirement will continue to grow across all business sectors. With this comes the argument on devices from the user – why should I carry a heavy laptop when a smart-phone or tablet will do the job. Do your users question why they should I have 3 devices if 1 smartphone will do all my work. Alternatively there are users would prefer to have as many different devices as possible – “the more the merrier” but do not understand the impact of keeping all these devices operational.

The introduction of faster 802.11n more secure wireless networks has supported the drive of these consumer type products within the business. The increased speeds and security of the WLAN are aiding the user in getting the information they require quickly and securely in comparison to older 802.11g technology or cellular data band-with. Coupled with this increase is a trend that users are being allowed to bring their own and not company devices in to the workplace know as “Bring your own device” or consumerisation this approach drives the need for clear policy management and control of these devices.

Do you allow your employees to bring their own devices in to the workplace is this controlled and managed? Do you have a plan on how to deal with these or does it just happen as one employee to the other passes on access information to the network. Do you really know who and with what device is on your network and what they can see and do?

With so many devices on the go IT management can eat up time and money, especially if the company is always playing catch-up with the employees. Understanding and planning what the user requires or is allowed from the outset is key to successful deployment. Unknown or unsecured mobile devices are a security threat they are carrying sensitive data or information that is not protected by encryption or passwords and are risks which need to be mitigated against– sound familiar?

How many of us can recall the dreaded phone call – I have lost my laptop, my car has been broken into. All too often with the attraction and value of smart-phones and tablets theft is a major problem that employees are responsible for – but what if the business data is on that device. Contact data sales plans, sensitive strategy documents are easily and quickly moved around today but what happens if the device gets in the wrong hands. The business suffers not the employee.

Each business would see itself and the way it operates as being unique, however we all accept and has been proven that there are a number of common processes that span business and sectors. Thi may also be how you feel on the current influx of mobile devices. The way it affects your business is unique to you or how you want to use or manage these devices is unique making the solution feel daunting and a long way away. While this is true as with high level business process there are a number of common areas when looking at this from a strategic and deliverable process.

At PWWN we provide organisations with secure next generation wireless solutions that deliver efficiency and improve the wireless experience of your users, ultimately delivering more value – pound notes in what is a challenging and unprecedented economic environment. We can deliver a scalable, easy-to-use visitor management solution that delivers secure wireless network access to guests, employees and their mobile devices that address your concerns and issues with Mobile Device Access. The end to end solution as described with the access control and guest logon is shown in diagram 2.

The intuitive user interface greatly simplifies visitor management by streamlining workflow processes, allowing receptionists, employees and other non-IT staff to create temporary accounts for Wi-Fi access.

Guests and employees with mobile devices can also self-register for network access. Once registered, the solution delivers account login credentials to users via SMS text message or email. Accounts can be set to expire automatically after a specific number of hours or days. The application securely manages role-based access for thousands of concurrent users to satisfy the needs of large enterprises and multisite networks. The solution also integrates seamlessly with existing multivendor networks and security devices to streamline deployments and meet compliance mandates.

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