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School Wireless Networks

School wireless

School wireless is becoming increasing popular due to the number of educational and administrative benefits it offers pupils, teachers and parents, increasing the entire efficiency of the school environment.

In our experience, a school wireless network has to be low cost, reliable and easy to manage. PWWN have delivered in excess of 100 school wireless networks ranging from simple Wi-Fi solutions for primary schools to leading edge Academies delivering all user content wirelessly through the internet creating a server less environment.

With the school internet providing the biggest open sources of learning information, more and more teachers are becoming reliant on laptops to plan their lessons and access teaching materials from internet during lessons. Flexibility of wireless in and around the school allows teachers to complete this work in any location within the wireless environment. It also allows teachers to take lessons one the move, even outside for a more creative and stimulating experience.

The flexibility of school wireless, portable computers and other Wi-Fi enabled devices means that lessons using ICT can take place in ordinary classrooms. Children’s learning needs are supported and teachers can innovate in how learning takes place. No expensive cable installs or cupboard room fit outs which restrict the number of users.

"Teaching with wireless gives every pupil the opportunity to learn and interact using new technologies."

Following a clear proven approach PWWN will work with you to understand your current needs, future aspirations and your budget requirements. Our extensive experience working with schools has allowed us to identify common challenges schools face which allows us to deliver a wireless solution that will meet the needs of your school, you teachers and most importantly your pupils.

Depending on the size of your school and the level of wireless integration you’re looking for we can provide a cost effective bespoke school wireless network that’s perfect for your school.

Smaller Schools

Wireless networking can offer a cheaper, more rapidly installed way of giving increased access to ICT school-wide for both teachers, pupils and admin staff.

Larger Schools

Wireless extensions to existing wired networks can bring campus-wide coverage with the flexibility to provide temporary additional coverage in unusual areas. This will then support a range of wireless applications which can deliver a more effective learning environment.

Special Schools

In special schools, wireless networking makes ICT available anywhere. Children have better access to facilities that can be taken to them, wherever they are needed. This can dramatically improve access to computing facilities that can be dedicated to individual’s requirements. A wireless network in your school will bring freedom, support and learning even closer to the pupils.

Schools Short of Space

In schools short of space, mobile computers take up less space on desks when in use and can be packed away into storage trolleys with chargers built in. Wi-Fi in your school allows access everywhere at any time removing the need for a dedicated fixed ICT room or suit.

For all Schools

In all schools, wireless networking allows portable computers to be used wherever they are needed, even outdoors, as well as fixed computers in remote areas of the school.

Trolleys equipped with computers and wireless networking can be a mobile, creating a shared resource that gives access to a school network and the internet. As flexible resource they give better value for money than desktop computers. Schools using wireless networks find that when combined with portable computers both the quality and level of ICT use are dramatically increased.

Many schools report that they exploit the freedom brought by mobile computers on wireless networks by extending opportunities outside their classrooms. This includes:

school internet
  • Children working individually in other places - the library, common rooms, corridors etc.
  • Freedom to learn at anytime - Lunchtime, afterschool, homework etc.
  • Using temporary classrooms more effectively - take the lesson anywhere
  • Using laptops where computers were not previously available - in sports halls and drama rooms.
  • Using mobile computers around the school grounds - for environmental science work, or on the games field.

Why Choose PW Wireless Networks?

We have been designing, installing and supporting wireless networks for a variety of customers in a range of industries for both the Public and Private sectors. Our wireless specialists and engineers are highly qualified and experienced to deliver a wireless network that will deliver the efficiencies your looking for today, and in the future.

To help you manage the cost, we can offer flexibility in procurement on a rental or capital basis and a standard break-fix or fully managed support solution delivering your school wireless network without the hassle of managing a fixed cost.

From our experience, and the feedback we get from our customers, we are confident that we can provide you with a perfectly secure and scalable wireless network. We hold a promise to all our customers that we deliver 100% satisfaction or your money back.

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