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Enabling the Next Generation Workplace with Aruba Networks

It’s a Wireless World, there’s no denying it. The move toward Collaborative Digital work environments that connect multiple sites and also homeworkers is now the norm. Like electricity, Wifi is now the necessary utility that always has to be on. Choosing the right Wireless Solution that’s best matched to your Business brings with it increased productivity, flexibility and significant cost savings. One option you could consider for your business are are Aruba Networks.

We have a passion to deliver Wireless IT Solutions that empower organisations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for their increased productivity. 

Our Solutions offer a robust and fast connection, support multiple devices and provide reporting, notifications and alerts on network health. The real value lies in the ability to have more control over your network and the capacity to manage sites centrally.

What does this mean for you?Aruba Networks - Solutions from PW Data Group

  • Cost effective – delivers best usability and customer experience
  • Simplicity – fast setup, built in management
  • Performance – enterprise grade performance and scalibility : start small and plan for growth
  • Security – built in firewall and smart app functionality
  • Reliability – no single point of failover – Self Healing
  • Flexibility – multiple management and deployment options

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Aruba Networks features:

  • Wifi that doesn’t slow down when many people connect and when users roam
  • As users move through the building Client Match connects to the best possible Access Point in the area for the best user experience
  • Easy and secure guest access for BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
  • Deliver QoS for Lync voice/video/sharePW Data group offer Aruba Networks Solutions
  • App login and sharing without manual entry
  • Allocate bandwidth for new collaboration apps at work
  • Dynamic firewall actions based on identity and device
  • Enable secure, self-serve device onboarding
  • Mobile engagement and Wifi analytics – enables public facing venue’s to engage with consumers mobile devices on location in order to increase revenue


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84% of the workforce would not use a desktop computer if given the choice, and 65% have 3 or more devices – can you afford to NOT have a Wireless Solution in the 21st Century Workplace? 

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