Network Solutions

New IT Network Infrastructure Solutions

PW Data Group can design, install and support a future proof voice and data network solution to meet and exceed the demands of your organisations IT requirements today, and in the future.

Our leading IT Network Consultants will work with you to help you deliver a cost effective and efficient IT network solution supported by a range of applications to increase your business efficiency. We provide a complete solution from the initial survey through the design and installation up to onsite support with extended warranties and guarantees.

For new or refurbished buildings and sites we design and build a ‘future proof’ cabling and network solution, using best of breed technology from a range of technology consultation on all of our it network solutions

Free IT Network Consultation

For us to deliver the perfect network solution for your organisation, we offer a free network consultation to find out exactly what you require from your network. The consultation also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions to give you complete piece of mind we will deliver your expectations.

IT Network Survey

A Network Survey of your environment enables us to design your network to complement your surroundings. We can offer a range of network designs including home-run, Resilient and Clamshell cabling design solutions.

Flexible Working Hours

Ensure minimal disruption to your business activity and allow us to deliver your new network at your convenience. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to streamline the network installation process so that many smaller networks can be installed over a single weekend. Larger networks can be installed silently out of normal working hours or at quieter periods such as holidays or seasonal breaks.

Communications rooms fit outs with all the necessary equipment to keep your IT network running efficiently:

  • We offer temperature control units to keep equipment from overheating and protective systems in case of fire.
  • For environmentally friendly organisations we can supply monitoring equipment to check the usage and efficiencies.
  • Your communications room can be fitted out with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to give you constant power feed to stop any downtime. This works as a backup supply to your network in case of power failure.
  • To further reduce any interruption we can deliver automated offsite data storage of your network information with backups as frequently as your business requires.

IT Network Optimisation Solutions

With ever increasing demands for greater communications capacity (bandwidth), speed and connectivity it is easy for networks to become inefficient through a series of amendments, un-managed changes and workarounds.

Poor network efficiency presents a serious risk if your communications fail. At a less extreme, low level inefficiencies can seriously limit your organisations productivity and capability to use communications technology for business advantage. Our network optimisation solutions can identify the key risks, constraints and bottlenecks and develop a strategy to eliminate these risks.

IT Network Health Checks

One of the key areas of network optimisation is to ensure the current network is error free and running efficiently. We can run full Network Health Checks which include diagnostic tests to check all aspects of your network to identify these critical inefficiencies. These Include cable testing (which accounts for over 80% of network problems), visual inspections, security checks and recommendations for upgrades of software and network devices.

Optimisation Tools

Once your network is running effectively we can include optimisation tools such as priority applications to manage high levels of usage. This technology manages the transfer of data giving priority to those specified in the consultation. Other areas of network optimisation can include cable upgrades from 4core fibre to 8core fibre and/or new switching devices to help your network run faster.

Extending your IT Network

PW Data Group can extend your Local area network (LAN) either by developing your cabling network or by utilising Wireless Technologies. Whether you need a few extra access points or an extension to cover new rooms or buildings, our experience and qualifications allow us to develop a network solution in line with your demands.

We can extend both voice and data networks using new technologies or upgrading and adapting existing infrastructure. All our network extensions are scalable and designed for the future and include full warranty and services packages which include 24/7 field support.

If you would like a tailored network solution for your organisation and would like to arrange a FREE IT Network Consultation with our experts to discuss any current or future projects, please call 03333 66 00 77 or email sales@b2bsmarter.comLAN and IT network solutions

 What are the benefits of a Local Area Network (LAN)?

  • Local Area Networks allow shared access for multi users to reach a single application or device such as printers, storage, and databases, increasing efficiency and reducing cost of unnecessary equipment.
  • All network members can easily share files, transfer information and access each other’s PC. Security walls can be implemented to restrict access where necessary.
  • Standard PC hardware can be used to create network servers and work stations, reducing the overall cost and maintenance of a network installation.
  • Storing information in a single location makes securing and backing up data from a network much easier.
  • Network users can share a single internet connection at high bandwidth speeds. Using network hardware devices, the bandwidth can be allocated to users as and when its needed to ensure the highest rate possible from a single connection.
  • Local Area Networks can enhance the performance of each individual work station by offloading storage and CPU usage to a central server. This increase the speed and overall productivity of each work station.
  • Networks can run real time applications that provide instant up-to-date information to all network users. This helps businesses manage updated information such as incoming orders and sales information which massively impacts business efficiency and productivity.