Could you benefit from (FSO) Free Space Optics?

(FSO) Free Space Optics – Solutions from PW Data Group

FSO or Free Space Optics  is a line-of-sight technology using light to provide optical bandwidth connections in which voice, video and data information can be sent and received simultaneously on invisible beams of light


Free Space Optics provides a point-to-point, Infra red, wireless laser transmission designed for the interconnection of two points which have a direct line of sight. The systems operate by taking a standard data or telecommunications signal, converting it into a digital format and transmitting it through free space. The carrier used for the transmission of this signal is Infra red light and is generated by either high power LED or low power laser diode (s)

Free Space Optical (FSO) Transmission Systems are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of broadband communications in the Enterprise (Business) and wireless back haul for GSM Mobile operators. Providing high bandwidth and reliable communications over short distances – Free Space Optics is extremely quick and simple to deploy.  Being free from government licences and also not requiring planning permission, network planners are utilising Free Space Optics as an integral tool for network connectivity giving significant benefits in terms of time and cost savings over other wireless communications routes.

Product installation is simple, and connection up to 4 kilometers is available, subject to bandwidth and environmental considerations.

PW Data Groups products blend proven technology with the latest Free Space Optics innovations delivering carrier-class service in networks throughout the world. Our products are deployed in diverse weather conditions, installed on rooftops, towers, buildings and deliver practical solutions to our customer’s connectivity challenges.


Benefits of Free Space Optics:

  • High Security
  • No Radio Interference/Cross Talk
  • High Security
  • No Recurring Costs
  • No Licensing
  • Fast Installation 


The use of Free Space Optics in Enterprise environments provides highly cost effective, rapidly deployable and extremely flexible connectivity options.   


The quest to deliver bandwidth in Enterprise network solutions has never been so great as businesses demand fully integrated IP communication solutions  to support Data, Voice and Video applications. 

  • Bandwidth:  Free Space Optics can provide bandwidths from 100Mbps up to E1-STM1 and beyond over distances of 4km 
  • Physical Layer Connectivity: The Enterprise series of products cover all data protocols including; Ethernet (10Mb/s), Fast Ethernet(100Mb/s) 155Mb/s ATM and 1Gb/s connectivity.  No matter which protocol, Free Space Optics offers fully transparent connectivity, requiring no software or additional hardware to complete the installation
  • Speed of deployment: With no licensing requirements for Free Space Optics (compared with the requirement for licensing Microwave systems, for example) and physical speed of deployment.  FSO provides a rapidly deployable solution