IT in a box!

IT Solution in a box – Giving you tomorrows technology today!


IT in a box is a complete bespoke IT Solution for you Business, using the best of breed technology from a single source at an affordable monthly cost. IT in a box lets you focus on the important stuff knowing that all your IT solution needs are taken care of.  Peace of mind, offering everything you need to run your IT, supported by highly trained and committed engineers with specialist Business IT solutions knowledge.

IT services cannot be a cost burden to an organisation – it must be a value driver. By working closely with your business we identify what benefits and value will be delivered that generate payback and offset the cost whilst providing the latest technology.



Budgeting uncertainty is removed and replaced with a known cost every month, that also comes with flexibility and certainty.
Based on the average business size and current IT solution requirements,  averages from around £5 per person per month. This can also be paid in a lump sum if preferred. Prices can vary as the IT ‘box’ can contain more or less products and services depending on your requirements.

On/Off Premises


The IT in a Box Solution can be housed on your own premises or alternatively it can be housed in the cloud, Creating a total virtual environment with the additional benefits of space and power savings. For each business there will be pro’s and con’s for housing the IT Box on or off premis. PW Data Group will outline these pro’s and con’s based on your specific business and recommend the best place to house your IT services in a Box Solution.

Box Contents:PW Data Group offer IT Solutions called IT in a box for a fixed monthly cost

Wireless Networks

Enabling BYOD

Interactive Displays, Laptops, CCTV

Internet Piping

Network Security

Email & Web Hosting

Telephony Solutions

PW Data Group Support Desk

Server Management and Backup

Structured Cabling

Offsite Data Storage

Cloud Services

Why Choose PW Data Group?


Your entire IT services needs all designed, supplied, installed and supported from the one provider! PW Data Group have over 100 years combined expertise ensuring you get the best possible solution, tailored specifically to the needs of your business. We understand that a one size fits all approach does not work and that is why the contents of the IT box vary from one business to the next, including or removing items as needed to suit the business needs. We will work with you from a consultative approach looking to create the best possible return on investment for your business. We also offer a money back guarantee on all our IT solutions!