Telephony and VOIP

Hosted IP Telephony Solutions – VOIP

A one-stop shop for both the connection and unrivaled technical support of all your telephone lines. We can provide services from standard PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30 services right through to fully managed Hosted IP Telephony or VOIP Solutions. With a single, cost-effective payment for your line rental, internet and call charges, we’ll centralise all you administration for simple and effective telephony.Voip and hosted IP telephony solutions from pw data group

Hosted VoIP

Automatic call forwarding, call recording, video calling and simple remote working functionality.


Range of additional service levels to protect your entire network of phone lines, fibre optic cables and other infrastructure that is required for phone and internet services to work.

Hot Desking

Hosted VoIP package can be upgraded to include the Hot Desk function. It’s perfect for businesses that already have, or are planning on implementing, a flexible, mobile workforce. Whether at home or in the office, your employees can use the same dedicated phone number, and the features and setting associated with it for a controlled period of time.

Call Recording

Hosted VoIP Call Recording enables businesses of any type and size to have advanced, affordable call recording facilities and the ability to securely archive the calls.
The software is flexible enough to give you total control over which calls are recorded, using a set of simple but powerful variables.

SMS Gateway

Hosted VoIP Call Recording enables businesses of any type and size to have Simply and automatically send SMS and MMS messages, based on your unique business needs.
You can harnesses the effectiveness of SMS marketing by integrating the application programming interface (API) software into your existing business applications.


We can install a VoIP service, with no connection or maintenance charges. Your new system will have full, unlimited access to the BT national and international network at lower costs than traditional telephony.

PSDN/Broadband Care Packages

How would your business cope if it lost internet and phone line connections?
We understand that in today’s competitive and high-tech business environment, you can’t afford to be offline. Additional care packages are backed up by strict SLAs, including dependable and round-the-clock support for a low-cost flat fee.

Call Centre ACD

Hosted VoIP Call Centre ACD means that wherever your employees are based your contact centre can still operate perfectly, even if your staff can’t get to your normal office or are spread over several locations.

SIP Trunking

Our SIP Trunking service optimises your existing phone system by adding in SIP trunks on a channel by channel basis as and when your business demands. We connect your telephone system to the VoIP cloud, meaning that even if your private branch exchange (PBX) is not SIP compatible, you can still utilise the cloud and its benefits via a media gateway.

Mobile Office

Manage your communications easily and effectively across a range of devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets?
Remote and home workers can install the Mobile Office software directly onto their existing iPhone or Android devices and connect via Wi-Fi, so mobile operator fees are bypassed altogether.