Disaster Recovery – what is your Contingency Plan?

How concrete is your Disaster Recovery Contingency plan?
Disaster Recovery Contingency Plan

Business Continuity Solutions – setting out your Disaster Recovery Contingency Plan

In today’s digital and interconnected world, where individuals and businesses operate in a permanently connected mode (always on) the growth in the amount and type of data that is needing to be stored is growing at a staggering rate. According to industry sources the amount of data created in the last two years is already more than the entirety created in the whole existence of the human race. All the more reason to ensure you have a concrete Disaster Recovery Contingency Plan.

So what about your Business’ data? What is your backup disaster recovery contingency plan? 

93% of companies that loose their data for 10 days or more, filed for banckruptcy within one year of the incident

It’s one of those things you plan to do but never quite get round to doing it. If you do regularly backup your systems, what actual confirmation is there that it’s working? 

With the need to access real time information and an increasing demand on accessibility, considering what the impact to your business would be should you suffer a major IT faliure or data loss is vital.

PW Data Group offer a dedicated backup and disaster recovery appliance designed for servers. It sits on your local network with it’s own IP address. All your data is encrypted, compressed and then stored as a first point of backup which is then mirrored with any changes to the secure box. This provides all the benefits of onsite and offsite backups at the same time. All backups happen at very high speed since it’s on your internal network. If the box is no longer available the data can be recovered from the offsite mirror.

Disaster Recovery Solution – key featuresDatabunker Backup Disaster Recovery contingency plan and solutions

  • No Swapping tapes or USB hard drives
  • Full disaster recovery capabilities – including bare metal restore
  • Fully automatic backup schedules with email notifications
  • Backup and restore onsite and offsite simultaneously
  • Recover an entire server easily
  • Continuous backups / data replication
  • Keep many different versions of data with advanced retention settings
  • Ideal for servers with large amounts of data
  • 100% UK based support and datacentre

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