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Keep audiences engaged with a SMART interactive whiteboard

PW Data Group can supply your school or meeting room with a range of SMART interactive whiteboard equipment to enhance communication to deliver a clearer message to the audience.

SMARTer Schools

Join the many students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to help improve lessons and learning outcomes. Interactive whiteboards combine the simplicity of a normal whiteboard with the power and benefits of a PC. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver more dynamic lessons, to enhance the learning environment. You can write notes in digital ink, play videos and music, edit, save and copy your work – all with the simple touch of a finger.

SMART interactive whiteboard systems

A SMART interactive whiteboard system offers teachers the ability to bring lessons to life giving pupils an unparalleled classroom experience. Lessons are bolder and brighter with an interactive whiteboard and most importantly more fun for everyone.

Touch Recognition

Write with a pen, erase with your palm and move objects with your finger – without having to access other tools, buttons or on-screen menus. With Touch Recognition, the interactive whiteboard does the switching for you automatically.

Distortion free

Attach a high-definition camcorder, Blu-ray Disc player or widescreen laptop to the extended control panel to give your pupils a true-to-life multimedia experience, without the distractions of letterboxing or distortion.

Switchable dual-USB port

The extended control panel has a dual-USB port that enables you to connect two computers to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and easily switch between them as required.

Colour decay resistant

The interactive smartboards are highly resistant to colour decay, image degrading and tinting, so the image stays vibrant and sharp, even after years of use.

Network enabled

Connect the SMART UX60 projector to your school’s IP network to send and receive commands to and from the web server or SNMP client. As a networked interactive whiteboard system, the asset management feature enables you to control and manage the projector remotely.

Dual-user mode

Most interactive whiteboards are available in a dual-touch model. This allows two users to simultaneously write in their own separate workspaces using SMART Notebook software.

SMART interactive whiteboard response system

  • SMART Response software and SMART Notebook™ software included
  • Full SMART Notebook software integration
  • Multiple question and assessment options
  • Flexible marking with a new grade book function and enhanced reporting
  • 3+ years return-to-base warranty.

Assess pupil’s level of understanding or gather their opinions with the interactive response system for SMART Board users. SMART Response allows the assessment of pupil’s knowledge both on the fly or as part of a planned activity, meaning that teachers can simply change the direction or pace of their lessons to make their teaching as effective as possible.

SMART slatewireless slate

  • Control your SMART Board from up to 54ft (16m) away
  • Programmable buttons
  • Battery-free tethered pen and wireless mouse
  • 3+ years return-to-base warranty.

This Bluetooth® wireless slate offers teachers the freedom to deliver interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom or lecture hall. Multiple pupils using slates can write notes at the same time which are then displayed on the SMART Board.

 SMART Document Camera

  • Zoom and automatic focus
  • 5.2x optical and 8.0x digital zoom
  • Rotating head and arm
  • Microscope mode
  • SD Memory Card slot
  • 5 years return-to-base warranty

Instantly display real-time images of any static or moving object onto an interactive whiteboard for your entire class to see. Using the Notebook™ software that comes with the SMART Board, teachers can write over, manipulate and save both live and static images.SMART interactive whiteboard displays from pw data group

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

  • Includes speakers, wireless teacher and pupil microphones, a receiver and sensors
  • Reduces vocal strain
  • Multimedia device compatibility
  • SMART Recorder works with SMART Notebook software
  • 3 years return-to-base warranty

Teachers can be confident their pupils will catch every word spoken in class. This classroom amplification system distributes sound evenly throughout the room, so pupils can hear clearly, no matter where they’re sitting.

PW Data Group can create a complete interactive classroom for your school based on your budget and requirements. With over 100 years combined experience and 300 SMART interactive whiteboard installs our unique guarantee gives the confidence in our service. To speak to one of our schools team request a call back below.

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