Decant Service – IT relocation

What are Decant Services? Quite simply, IT relocation.

The transfer (Decant) of IT equipment when a business, school or college moves premises can be a very high risk operation. In the modern age, the reliance of IT has never been greater. If it is not up and running then most functions in an organisation cannot operate. PW Data Group offers a specialist IT Decant service to clients in order that a client can move knowing that their IT systems are in a safe pair of hands. The Decant service can be for a move between buildings at the same location, or between different locations and can be full or partial relocation of the office and its IT equipment.

Project Management for IT relocation

The success of any IT relocation Project is entirely dependent on the planning that is put in place. The PW Data Group operates to PRINCE2 Project Management methodologies for the transfer of all IT equipment.

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A senior Project Manager will be allocated who will prepare a detailed Project initiation Document (PID) that details all aspects of the requirement including:
* Key Dates and Timeline

* Critical Path analysis
* Decant Protocol and RAG Reporting System
* Resource Plan
* Test Plan
* Risk Register
* Third party liaison (e.g. BT, Built Contractor etc)

The PID document will be agreed on by all parties and “signed off” as the working document. Any changes to the plan will be fully recorded under a change control procedure.

Asset Register and Condition Report

A key element of the IT relocation Project Plan will be the asset register (the creation of it or verification to the actual installed equipment) and condition report. This will itemise and detail each piece of equipment including user, serial numbers, working condition, where it is moving from and where it is moving too. This report will also enable an estimate to be made for the number of packing crates required and any specialist removals required and any specialist removals requirements e.g Servers and Firewalls.


Liaison With Service Providers

The PW Data Group PID document will have identified all telephone lines, data circuit, internet service providers etc. The project manager will assist the client in making the arrangements for the provision of any new services required and any number diversions. A key element of the decant will be the seamless transfer of services at the correct time to minimise any downtime that may be incurred.

Removals, De Install and Re install

The removals company can either be the company appointed by the client or one of PW Data Groups approved partners. The project Manager will make all arrangements with the removals contractor for the number of creates required, how they are able to be labelled, how kit will be packaged, where they should be delivered to and picked up from and most importantly when it should happen. Prior to any IT move insurance cover will be confirmed for any goods in transit.

PW Data Group technicians will be responsible for the de install and re install of all IT equipment. At the new location all IT equipment will be tested as per the agreed Test pan in the PID document and witnessed by a client representative.

Sign off and Handover

Sign off and handover will be agreed in the PID Decant Protcol.

Post IT relocation PW Data Group will offer go live support, where highly skilled technical staff will be on site when the new facility opens to assist in the clearing of any IT technical issues that may occur.

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