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Education Case Studies for PW Data Group Lancaster University

Now approaching its 50th year, Lancaster University is a world class campus for teaching and research and is located in a beautiful campus in the North West of England. Lancaster University is one of the UK’s top universities, consistently highly ranked in the UK league tables and established as a world player in research and teaching as reflected in its rising global league table position.

The “Now Society” and the demands of students on campus today for technology and particularly access to the internet and external resources through wireless technology is seen as a major differentiator when it comes to student accommodation selection. To address this issue and to improve the student experience, Lancaster University made a strategic decision in May 2012 to extend its campus Cisco wireless infrastructure into the retained residence on the campus.

PW Data Group were successful in securing the business through a formal tender process which included the requirement to be the principle contractor for Health & safety under CDM regulations on site.

The Solution

The work required the installation of 400 new CAT 6 data lines, mainly in corridors around student accommodation on the main campus and the installation of the Cisco Wireless access points. In addition there was a requirement to install approximately 75 lines to retained residences kitchens and foyers for student use and to connect future telephony to. Included in this works was the installation of new cable routes using Cablofil basket tray as the main routes and then sub routes to room and access point locations using conduits. These works now give the University a dedicated cable route for any further expansion of the network infrastructure. Working closely with the University project team, facilities and ISS specialist the works were planned on a building by building basis, which provided visibility of the works schedule and allowed planning of other University services before or after this works. Due to the nature of the buildings, examples being split level – where cable routes do no line up and some being of older construction and the exacting technical spec at Lancaster, there were occasions when redesign of the proposed cabling solution were required. Using their experience and knowledge the PW Data Group Team were able to propose new and alternative solutions on site that could be agreed quickly with the University‚s external consultant and Information Systems Services team. These clear lines of communication and site responsibility helped to ensure compliance with the standards and to understand the impact and cost against the budget and timelines. The project was challenging for all involved with upwards of 12 men on site at various points, however it was delivered in ten weeks to customer technical requirements and quality satisfaction during the summer of 2012.

Education Case Studies section Hartlepool College PW Data Group

Hartlepool College of Further Education, situated in the town centre and provides the post sixteen education and training needs of Hartlepool and the community. Currently the College has approximately 8,000 learners following full and part-time courses, studying for academic, vocational and work-based learning qualifications.

Hartlepool College is in the planning stages of re-developing the whole of its town centre site, with a proposed £62 million new build project which will provide an iconic campus that will transform the main site and gateway into Hartlepool town centre. During the building of the new college the problem of connecting Offshore/Aerospace and the Construction annex to the main college network had to be solved.

The Solution

PW Wireless Networks, Part of the PW Data Group, provided a range of wireless bridge solutions. The preferred option was the PAV laser solution which offers speed and service at the lowest cost. PAV Free Space Optics was the logical choice, other options proving expensive, some up to four times the cost. The PAV laser link demonstrates low capital and operational expenditure due to no licence being required. The 1Gb PAV system provides a secure, high bandwidth network at an affordable cost for years to come. The installation of the wireless bridge onsite was complex. Locating a direct line of sight for the new PAV system was more challenging than first thought, with various architectural difficulties, including a soft weather proof lining on the roof top. The project required a unique solution from PW Wireless Networks for the mounting of the lasers. Once the system was installed and fully tested by the PW Wireless engineers the system was up and running and securely connecting all buildings to the College network.

Lymm High School -Education Case studies

Since its Founding in 1814, Lymm High School has been the back bone of the community, with generations of alumni populating the local village and surrounding areas. Since becoming a comprehensive in 1985 the school has been ever changing, striving to maintain a high quality of education for all that attend. The school is now recognised for excellence in language and sport and achieved “outstanding” in the recent Ofsted inspection. PW Data Group team have 5 graduates from Lymm High School, all relishing the opportunity to give something back to the school where it all began.
To uphold the schools standard of excellence and meet the ICT Council review, some changes were necessary to the current infrastructure in some classrooms. A development plan by the schools IT department carried out in April 10 outlined the necessary upgrades and additions to the current infrastructure for compliance to the Council review. A competitive tender process was carried out by the school and due to the competitive price, quality of service and the experience of other high scale projects, PW Data Group were chosen to provide the solution.

The Solution

To enhance the learning environment in the maths and geography rooms, the traditional whiteboards were complimented with SMART 660 interactive whiteboards, Epsom EBX7 ceiling projectors and 30w NOVO speakers. All were installed to BECTA standards using Loxit ceiling
brackets and lanyards. PW Data Group also provided the electrical power points for these units as the engineers are qualified for both data and electrical installations.
In one of the geography rooms there was a request for an interactive board that would cater for 2 simultaneous users. PW Data Group supplied and installed the Hitachi FX DUO interactive board with an EBX7 Epsom Projector and 30w NOVO speakers. These touch-enabled display boards are designed to give you access to digital materials at the touch of your hand, rather than the click of a mouse. This interactive technology transforms learning facilities, enabling more interaction between pupils and staff creating a more engaging learning environment.
All cabling design and installation work was carried out to the IEC 14763 European installation standards including the ISO 9001 quality assurance mark, which PW Data Group is accredited. All work is certified and guaranteed 12 months.
The installations were a great success, but not without their challenges. Last minute changes meant engineers could no longer work to original cable diagrams, but utilising their experience and close liaison with the school to get the work done within the challenging timescales. The school over the summer is a very busy site, with all types of trades carrying out work to meet the term deadline. The flexibility of the PW Data Group engineers meant they could work in and around other trades, and at evenings and weekends to ensure the projects would be completed on time and to budget.

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