Mobile Device Network Access Control

PW Data Group deliver a Solution that provides Network Access Control, allowing you to manage and monitor user and device access to your WiFi Network.

  • Do you allow your employees to bring their own smartphones, tablets or laptops into the workplace?
  • Do you control and manage what they can or can’t access over the network, or do employees just share administrative passwords?
  • Do you really know who and with what device are viewing, sharing, downloading or disrupting information over your network

As technology companies flood the market with new WiFi enabled devices to help manage our day to day lives, these devices become more efficient the more wide spread they are used. This drives users to bring devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops to work creating the need to implement a Network Access Control Solution to be able to control access to your WiFi Network.

PW Data Group can integrate a simple user & device WiFi Management Solution that will manage wireless access for guests, employees and their range of mobile devices. The end to end solution will address all your concerns and issues with Mobile Device Access Management (MDAC) and give you complete control over who or what can access the information you choose, on your network.
Manually controlling user and device access/registration places a heavy and costly burden on the IT department. Unknown or unsecured mobile devices not picked up by IT are a security threat to your network and your business. Not only do they carry sensitive data, but have the ability to utilise your network to share information that is not protected by encryption or passwords.

PW Data Group Wireless Management Solutions

The PW Data Group wireless network access control management solution allows you to set rules as per device or user, which remain in place regardless of how many new devices try and access the network. Once the access rules have been specified by the administrator, the entire system and process is automatic, requiring no IT assistance to log new users or devices and what they can or can’t access.

Key Functionality of the Wireless Management Solution:Network Access Control Solutions from PW Data Group

Enterprise-grade Security
A unique username and password per user.
Integrated RADIUS database for guest and device accounts.
Role-based access controls.
Assign different access-level privileges based on user type.
Print template and SMS integration deliver wireless security keys out-of-band to ensure scalable and encrypted guest access.
Role-based access controls.

Compliance and Auditing
Track and report guest account activity as well as employees that are sponsoring each guest.

Custom Branding
Unique skin technology delivers a fully customised, corporate branded user experience.

Easy-to-use Interface
Enables reception staff and non-technical personnel to manage guest accounts and configure self-provisioning captive portals.

Scales to thousands of concurrent users with minimal IT involvement.

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