Wireless Solutions

Choosing the Wireless Solution that’s right for you

Whatever your wireless requirements, PW Data Group will design and install a Wireless Solution that’s right for your Business. We supply small WiFi networks for shops and offices to high-end advanced Wireless Networks for hospitals, warehouses and factories that support multiple users both fixed and roaming.

Our Wireless Solutions can include a range of Wireless technologies and suppliers to suit your budget and connectivity requirements. By installing or upgrading your wireless network you open your organisation and its stakeholders to a more engaging, cost effective, efficient and productive environment.

Wireless Solution benefits:


  • Health and Safety; no cables means no hazards
  • PW data group design and install customised wireless solutions to meet your individual requirementsShared access to printers, storage devices and networks
  • Signals can be sent through walls, floors, ceilings to save on installation costs
  • Secure way to transfer data
  • Easy to transfer and install in new location
  • Simple to add stations in any environment

Interested in Managed Wireless?

Advanced Wireless Networks

Many organisations are now looking to install more advanced Wireless Networks or next generation wireless to support business processes and real time wireless applications. These advanced Wireless Networks can support roaming users who require constant uninterrupted connection to the Wireless Network using a real time application. Depending on your organisations requirements PW Data Group can provide leading Wireless Solutions based on your budget and wireless requirements. By assessing your needs we can develop a wireless solution using two differing technology types from 3 leading vendors — Traditional Microcell or a Virtualised Single Channel wireless network



PW Data Group are a Silver Partner of HPE Aruba Networks a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for mobile enterprise networks.

Cisco Meraki 


PW Data Group are Certified Cisco Meraki Partners.

Cisco Meraki offers high performance Wi-Fi for demanding environments. Wireless networks automatically optimize and deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions — without the bottlenecks of hardware controllers.


Without a viable alternative, large enterprises, universities, school districts and service providers have been stuck with WLAN controllers despite their high complexity and cost, IT overhead, and poor scalability. But that’s changed with Mojo Cloud. Simplicity, scalability, IT agility and a cognitive WiFi experience are no more a trade-off for high-performance and high-density requirements of large campus and service provider networks. And with an innovative cloud architecture that fits into your existing network design like a glove, migrating your existing WLAN to the Mojo cloud is easy. 

Looking to Extend your Wireless Coverage?


PW Data Group offer a range of products and services to increase your current wireless signal or extend the wireless range. Using our experience we can eliminate black spots by repositioning your current access points or provide additional hardware to meet the demands of your users. You can designate bandwidth and access by room, or by user giving priority to those who need it most or would be willing to pay a premium.

Get in touch with one of our team for further information today!  03333 66 00 77 or sales@b2bsmarter.com

Choosing the right Wireless Solution that’s best matched to your Business brings with it increased productivity, flexibility and significant cost savings

What’s in it for you?

  • Fast set up, built in management

  • You can start small and plan for growth

  • Delivers best usability and customer experience

  • Security – built in firewall and smart app functionality

Tailor made wireless solutions

With over 50 years of collective experience, PW Data Group offer Tailor Made Wireless Solutions specifically designed for your Business!