IP CCTV and Security Cameras for use in a variety of environments


PW Data Group can offer you a new IP CCTV security camera system or upgrade your existing analogue camera network

We use a range of security cameras to offer IP CCTV solutions for use in a variety of environments. These security cameras have outstanding image quality, technical specification and are also cost effective.

IP CCTV is more cost efficient and multi-functional than traditional CCTV video technology due to the integration with the computer Network.

PW Data Group can offer a decentralised system. This means that a high speed computer and digital memory can be built into every camera for long-term recording. This onsite recording reduces Data Storage and ensures the system continues to record in the event of Network failure. An external computer is only needed to replay records which can be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

IP CCTV offers a wide range of useful functionalities, such as remote accessibility, high image quality, event management and intelligent video capabilities along with easy integration, better scalability, greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

IP CCTV Benefits: IP CCTV solutions and security cameras from PW Data Group

No Moving parts means virtually maintenance free with long term reliability

High Definition Camera performance for clear picture quality

Easy to monitor and investigate incidents.

Intelligent recording reduces storage

Increased resolution reduces the amount of security cameras needed

Dual camera technology: 2 in 1

Progressive scan instead of half-frame blur which generates sharp true colour images

Reduced installation costs via standard Ethernet connection

Simultaneous recording, event search and live viewing for multiple users.

No additional power and heating required

Unlimited scalibility

Access system securely from anywhere, using mobile devices.

Very low network load due to processing power within the security camera

Bridge recording during network failure

POE Enabled

Integrating IP CCTV and Door Access

Integrating your IP CCTV security cameras and Door Access means allowing the two individual items to recognise and talk to each other allowing them to come together as an integrated system. There are many benefits of integrating your security system creating a proactive, more efficient system. Organisations today require a cohesive video and access control system that is efficient and cost effective, PW Data Group deliver just that.