Paxton Door Entry System

Paxton door access control systems look professional but are also easy to use and require minimal training to run

Paxton Door Access Control allows you to control access to your premises, or specific areas. Instead of a lock and key method. Paxton Door Access control secures your building electronically. With tokens and readers instead of locks and keys; you say who has access, when they have access and where they can have access to, making the management of any building incredibly simple. The software is designed to easily integrate with other security systems, offering a more streamlined security for your building.

PW Data Group Paxton Video Door Access entry systemPaxton – Net 2 Entry Panel

A smart and simple audio/video door entry panel, comes with keypad and RFID reader. The panel has a low light sensitivity camera for day and night use. The IP55 rating means it can be used in all weather conditions.

The panel comes in flush, surface mount or rain hood options. It has IP and PoE technology for easy expansion and is SIP compatible.

Paxton – Net 2 Entry Monitor

A visitor initiates a video call via the bell button on the external panel. Visitor access can be granted via the Net2 Entry monitor, which features an intuitive touchscreen user interface. The internal monitor can be used via either the handset for private calls or in hands free mode. When connected to Net2, access to the building can be gained by using a PIN, Code and/or proximity token. The colour touchscreen internal monitor has inbuilt help for ease of use and can be wall or desk mounted. It is IP and PoE technology for easy expansion with no need for specialist wiring diagrams.

Paxton – Proximity ReadersPaxton Door Access Entry card reader system

Proximity readers are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Access is granted to a building by a card or token being held in close proximity to the reader. Once the card/token has been read the control unit looks up the access permissions of that user. Access is then granted or denied as appropriate. If access is granted the green LED flashes. If access is denied the red LED flashes.

Who can use Paxton Door Access Control?

Door entry systems are of benefit to a wide variety of buildings in a range of sectors; Commercial, Public Sector, Hospitality and Leisure, Warehouses, Healthcare, Residential, Schools and Universities.Mobotix IPCCTV Door Access Solution PW Data Group

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