Consultancy Services

At PW Data Group we pride ourselves on our consultancy services and unique approach.

With over 30 years of collective expertise we are able to offer you a tailor made solution designed specifically for your business through our consultancy services, here’s how:

1. Initial Chat

PW Data Group IT Consultancy Services

What to expect from our health check
Discuss your networking expectations
Solutions to any current issues already apparent


2. Sample Testing


System print out analysis
System efficiency testing
Visual component inspection


Consultancy Services include:

Solutions to faults found if applicable
Recommendations to increase efficiency
Cost saving initiatives
Continuity planning

Review certified test certificates
Review policy and procedure documents

Identify current switch capability
Recommend alternative upgrades where necessary
Discuss switch performance of recommended upgrades

Patching & Patch Leads
Cable orientation
Fire contingency
Future Capacity
Temperature Analysis

Did you know that PW Data Group are based in Lymm, Warrington and provide a range of leading IT solutions? We have a complete range of fixed and wireless network solutions that can help you reduce your IT costs, provide faster network speeds and gain more efficiency for your staff and your entire business.

By working with us, you will benefit from our extensive experience working both within the public and private sector and with organisations ranging from primary schools and small business to multinational corporations and nuclear enterprises achieve their IT requirements throughout the UK. As a ‘vendor neutral‘ service provider  we  can select the most cost effective technology and support solutions which will deliver your IT requirements based on your available budget. From out sourcing your complete IT systems to installing new hardware – we can help you make the right decision for your organisation through our consultancy services.

Business efficiency and return on investment can be calculated in different ways and mean different things to different organisations and projects and this is why we take a consultative view to understanding the KPI’s required.