Video Conferencing

What makes a good meeting?

Video conferencing services let participants communicate on many levels beyond a traditional conference call. For decades, video conferencing has been a nice-to-have feature for most businesses, but not a necessity. Thanks to advances in both hardware and software—as well as the growing demand for visual communications among millennials in the workforce—that’s all about to change.

Let PW Data Group put your mind at ease with a professional and affordable Video Conferencing solution which will allow you to turn any meeting space into a gateway to your customers & clients.

Solutions for Video Conferencing

PW Data group can provide an end to end solution tailored to your company’s requirements. A standard solution would include:

  • A large display screen
  • A computer to run the video conferencing solution
  • A HD ready fully movable video camera with remote control
  • An omni- directional full duplex microphone station
  • And a year’s subscription to a web based hosted video conferencing which allows unlimited meetings throughout the year, with up to 25 attendees per meetingeric-megaphone-large


A professional video Conferencing solution can provide many benefits such as:

  • Reductions in travel costs
  • Increases in productivity
  • Improves communication & reinforces customer & client relationships
  • Competitive Advantage over your competition
  • Ability to share presentations and information
  • Gives you the ability to meet from anywhere on any device anywhere
  • Delivers a tangible return on investment