Hear better learn more – with a Soundfield System

The Soundfield System – Audio Speaker Solution

The Soundfield System is a cost effective surround sound solution to amplify communication from classrooms to boardrooms.

Soundfields enhances and clarifies the speakers´ voice so that the audience can better understand everything that is said. The Soundfield system has a wireless microphone for the teacher so that he/ she can be heard at a normal speech level.

With over 30 years combined experience in voice and data networks, PW Data Group can provide a Soundfields Audio System Solution that will deliver perfect voice coverage to all listeners without strain on the speakers voice. We can provide both digital and radio connectivity which can connect to a variety of technologies to support clear communication with surround sound.

Modern school conditions often produce high background noise levels which can act as a barrier to learning. Soundfields Audio Systems are scientifically designed to allow teachers to speak to their classes in a normal tone of voice at conversational levels, cutting through the noise to provide clear communication to all corners of the class in surround sound.

Soundfield System Benefits:
Soundfield System surround sound audio speaker solutions from PW Data Group

  • A more attentive audience
  • Better comprehension and retention
  • Fewer tiring repetitions for the speaker
  • Calmer atmosphere and improved concentration
  • More inclusive environment
  • Reduced voice strain
  • Cost effective 
  • Wireless microphone
  • Ability to teach at normal speech level 

Introducing a Soundfield System – Schools

Experience of Soundfield provides overwhelming evidence of the advantages. 96% of teachers in studies of Soundfield noted an improvement in student attention, listening and comprehension and Primary teachers rated their Soundfield system their most useful teaching technology. They believe that good acoustics are as important as good lighting when aiming to provide the best learning environment.

Pupils have been shown to be twice as likely to make higher-level gains in literacy. They also like Soundfield – it makes it much easier to hear what’s being said. In a recent study comparing Soundfield and non-Soundfield classes it was found that teachers needed to spend less time directing their attention to individuals in order to maintain their attention or repeat instructions.

Hear Better Learn More with a Soundfield System

PW Data Group can offer a complete Soundfield solution with a range of Amplifiers, speakers, induction loops, personal hearing devices and Voice enhancement. We not only provide the equipment, but offer a full install and support package to help you make the most out of your Soundfield System.

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