The Cloud

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud or Cloud Computing relies on the sharing of internet-based resources via a network of servers, each with a different function. The Cloud provides shared computer processing resources and also data to computers and other devices on demand. The Cloud is a model for enabling anytime access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources which can accessed anywhere and at any time. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users with various capabilities to store and process data in third-party data centres that could be located far from the user–ranging in distance from across a city to across the world. 

We provide a wide range of Cloud Services, please click on the links below:

Data Storage

The process of keeping data in a location separate to the one in which the data is created and / or used. Offsite Data Storage is of benefit to a Business where the loss of critical data could result in financial or reputation loss.

Cloud Server Hosting

Powered by market-leading VMware technologies, Cloud Server hosting delivers a hosted software-defined data centre, superior to traditional hosted services.
Virtual servers can be provisioned for your Business to utilise however you see fit, from email and exchange servers, to an application server utilising the latest Citrix technologies.

Web Hosting

Our hosting service is totally secure, giving complete peace of mind to both you and your customers. Encrypted transaction-based sites are also available, ensuring that your customers are fully confident when shopping with you online.

Cloud Server Management

When PW Data Group hosts your servers, you can benefit from substantial cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with outsourcing your server to a dedicated support team. The Cloud Server Management service will run your servers more smoothly, faster, more flexibly and also with continuous patch management to reduce the threat of security vulnerabilities.

Backup and DR

Cost-effective Cloud Backup and Data Storage solutions ensure that your business critical data is safe and secure. Our flexible approach means that you can choose the type of backup to suit your needs, from 1Gb to 10Tb with both desktop and server applications.

Email Filtering

Protect your email service and networks from destructive and costly viruses and spam attacks. Antispam and antivirus filtering service includes offsite scanning, so that the dangerous programs and spam never come in contact with your system. Secure servers handle all of your POP3 messages, checking their validity and processing them before they are delivered to you. Talk to us about the different solutions we have available.

Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering is an offsite service that blocks access to particular web sites, to protect Businesses from unsuitable or distracting content. Click here for more information.

Telephony and Hosted VoIP

A one-stop shop for both the connection and unrivalled technical support of all your telephone lines. We can provide services from standard PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30 services right through to fully managed Hosted IP Telephony solutions. 

Hosted VoIP

Features Include automatic call forwarding, call recording, video calling and simple remote working functionality. We have an unbeatable Hosted VoIP package, designed to provide an enterprise-class telephony and internet package at a fraction of the cost. Click here for more information.

PW Data Group offers Cloud Computing Services for businesses of all sizes