PW Wireless Networks for Schools

Improve productivity and empower your school with secure, safe and reliable network access from any device, 24/7.

Technology is constantly evolving and it is vital for schools to keep up-to-date to ensure they are offering students and staff enterprise level connectivity and security. By utilising a connectivity specialist like PW Data Group, you inherit our years’ of experience delivering seamless wireless networks for schools across the UK.  We help turn “perfect storm” scenarios into the “perfect solution”, saving you the headache of dealing with traditional, slow and unreliable solutions.

The benefits your school can gain from a bespoke wireless solution with PW Wireless Networks:

  • Easy expansion for IoT and BYOD applications
  • Remote, secure access from anywhere, 24/7
  • Express your position as an industry leader in schools connectivity
  • Reduce infrastrucutre expenditure and time investment
  • Reliable, fast internet with complete peace-of-mind